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We are a professional import and export company specializing in minerals and metals for refractory, foundary, metallurgical and ceramics.  

Over the past years, our company has been maintaining and reinforcing its place among the reliable minerals suppliers, continuing its geographic expansion with markets range from Asia to Europe, and America.

We have 2 offices, one is located inTaiyuan, the capital city ofShanxiprovince where is rich of minerals and chemicals, the other one is inBeijing. All our products and materials are produced based on the customer’s requirements. We have our own technical people and we use a public lab for quality inspection. We rented a warehouse at Tianjin port. The quality control is implemented in both production and before loading. We provide fast and flexible shipments in bulk, or containers and door to door to the client’s warehouse.

We valuated the partnership with all related companies.

Eastern Industries & Trading Co., Ltd.

Address: Suite B607, TYG Center, C2 Dong Sanhuan North Road, Chaoyang, Beijing Postal Code: 010300 Website: www.eastern.net.cn

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